Title Date
Registration begins for the Youth Delegate Selection of the year 105 by Taichung City Youth Council (2016-04-28) 2016-06-16
Lab learning opportunities for undergraduate students offered by Dr. Kou-Juey Wu (2016-04-26) 2016-06-16
Contractual dietitian recruitment by ChiDu Elementary School, Keelung City (2016-04-19) 2016-06-16
Lectures provided by Dr. C.Y. Wang and Prof. Kendra Kattelmann from SDSU at 1st conference room (2016-04-18) 2016-06-16
2016 summer internship opportunities offered by Center Laboratories Inc.(2016-04-01) 2016-06-16
Tour activity to get to know the Department of Nutrition on the undergraduate interview day (2016-03-18) 2016-06-16
Application for the international practicum at SDSU sponsored by the Teaching Excellent Project starts (2016-03-17) 2016-06-16
Announcement: the 105 school year admission of the Industrial PH.D. Program(2016-03-14) 2016-06-16
Registration is open for the International Conference of Nutrition Practicum(2016-03-08) 2016-06-16
Exchange student opportunity at Hong Kong Education College (2016-03-07) 2016-06-16
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